About the WKND

The WKND is an annual high-energy event for middle school and high school students. The retreat takes place starting on Thursday evening and running through Saturday evening. The WKND is focused on helping students go deeper in their faith through relevant teaching, worship, and group discussions.

Students will have fun connecting with friends and taking advantage of the many activities and amenities offered, including: rock climbing, soccer, football, four square, gaga ball, color run, archery, and much more!


What is included with the cost of registration? The registration fee covers lodging, activities, meals, snacks, and a shirt. Extra snacks, replacement water bottles, candy and Gatorade can be purchased at an additional cost.

What if my student needs to leave? If your student has to leave at any time during the weekend, a time away card must be filled out and signed by a parent. The Time Away Card must explain why and when he/she will be leaving and returning. NO OTHER STUDENTS WILL BE ALLOWED TO RIDE WITH HIM/HER DURING THE WEEKEND.

Medical Releases – Does it really matter? Each student will need to bring a signed copy of the medical release or have a parent sign one during drop off. We want to take the best care of your student. If there were an emergency, the medical release form would allow us to provide the necessary care for your student. To best protect your student, a signed medical release form must be completed in order for them to attend.

What will students eat during the weekend? Students will be provided a hot meal for dinner Thursday, Breakfast, lunch and dinner Friday, and breakfast and lunch Saturday. Between meals and large group session, a light snack will be provided for each student. Students will also have the option to purchase additional snacks should they desire to.

Can my student bring food or snacks? To avoid attracting insects and small animals, we ask that students do NOT bring any food or drinks besides water into the cabins. Students will be given plenty of time to eat and snack in designated areas.

Can students request to be switched? We will work very hard to make sure students are in a group with people they know. Changes to small group assignments are handled on an individual and case-by-case basis.


Registration closes July 15th, no on-site registration will be available for this event.



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