In Proverbs 31, we are told the qualities of a godly woman. While many may see the Proverbs 31 woman as an unattainable standard, examining the values and character of this woman gives women the opportunity to make adjustments to their values and character. A good place to begin this personal evaluation is to ask yourself if you know why the Proverbs 31 woman received such high praise from everyone she knew. The answer, she FEARED (a combination of dread & awe) the Lord. She knew that beauty and charm were fleeting and meaningless.

What’s unique about the Proverbs 31 woman?

She knew her value (v. 10)

She understood that her value and worth came from God. While her husband was respected in the city, she did not think his “value” made her valuable.

She lived her life for others

She wasn’t selfish in her home or in the community, nor did she serve to be praised. She truly cared for others and knew that God would take care of her.

What are the 3 virtues of the Proverbs 31 woman?

She was fearless (v. 21 & 25)

She was not afraid of the future, and in light of that she planned ahead. She also lived a life of consistency, demonstrated through her words and behavior. She’s not a hypocrite.

She modeled readiness (v. 13, 16 & 26)

She had what some might call a practical wisdom.  She made sure that her family is provided for and stood apart. She didn’t waste or misuse her words, and she only spoke when her words would maximize her influence.

She was selfless (v. 11, 20 & 23)

Again, this woman selflessly committed her life to helping others despite how that may have inconvenience her. As a result, her family, especially her husband knew that she would do him good (not evil) all the days of her life.

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