Pastor Keith Battle

Bible References: Genesis 16:1-4; Genesis 21:8-14; Genesis 29:16-25; Proverbs 6:26


Do not be distracted by a “side chick” (female) or “side slick” (male) – always keep family first. These distractions occur because of some perceived lack at home; we feel as though something is missing in our spousal relationship.  Heed this warning; “side” relationships are born out of deceit.  They lead to stress and anxiety, a fear of being exposed.  It takes a lot of effort to cover up wrong doings.  Unfortunately it also leads to a greater disdain for our spouse.  “Side” chicks or slicks are like relief pitchers waiting in the dug out; unfortunately their turn will likely never come.  Any individual who has a “side” relationship will never be able to work on his or her marriage. Understand the cost of your loss before walking this dark and lonely path.

Instead, seek to follow God’s plan for your life; He will not bless an inappropriate relationship. Take steps to protect your marital relationship by:

  1. Spending time together…make it a priority to learn each other’s love language and use it often
  2. Praying together…make God the center of your relationship; families that pray together, stay together
  3. Creating fun and fond memories together…having fun is important to any relationship