Pastor Conway Edwards

Bible References: Habakkuk 2:1-4; 1 Samuel 16-18; 1 Samuel 17:38-40

Our mission when we go to work is to make Christ look good and ensure his name is well known. He wants us to recognize that we are in the roles he has granted as a solution for that given situation (e.g. company need, job, project requirement).  It is not our job to create confusion.  By following these five tips, we can get the most out of our jobs while minimizing confusion in the workplace:

  1. Stay focused on the job that we were hired to do. 
    Do it well and it will be seen and bring glory to God.  If it’s in your heart and God’s plan, you will have the opportunity to contribute in other ways.
  2. Delegate don’t dump.
    When we dump responsibility on others, it leads to resentment, confusion, and poor performance.  Using this approach, ultimately, the work will come back to us.  Take the necessary time to teach and transition work effectively.
  3. Stop compensating for our weaknesses and start capitalizing on our strengths.
    Spend less time trying to narrow the gap on a weakness and instead, focus on leveraging your strengths – what you’re great at doing and known for doing well.
  4. Prepare!  Prepare!!  Prepare!!!
    Too many of us go to work “spiritually” empty. We need to connect with The Lord each day before we go to work, because if we don’t prepare, the enemy will have a field day.
  5. Learn our limits.
    We are not machines and our body and emotions give signals to slow down, take a break, or even stop.  When we do not follow this guidance, we often do more harm in the workplace than good.

Try following these five tips this week, and trust in The Lord to help you improve your results and reduce your confusion at your workplace.