At One Community Church, each week we present the reflections of one of our partners each week in the form of a devotional.  This week’s devotional was written by By Terrance Jordan.The Word:
“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” Galatians 6:9 (NASB)

The Story:
When we were younger, some of us may have aspired to be just like a famous athlete.  In order to resemble this athlete’s characteristics, it required observing their daily routines and making sacrifices to adjust their lifestyle.  As we began to mirror this athlete’s habits, we may have discovered that there were “not so easy moments”, like being disciplined to work out several times a week in the gym, or controlling the urge to eat unhealthy foods despite it being at our fingertips. Likewise, when we make the choice to become followers of Jesus and begin the path of the Christian journey, we should realize that our new lifestyle will require the ability to withstand similar hardships to which Jesus Christ encountered.  As we continue to follow the Lord, we can learn to recognize hard times as opportunities that add to our development as endurance-filled believers in Jesus Christ.

The Reflection:
When a difficult situation arises, what are we prone to do first? Get upset? Turn to something or someone for comfort? Seek God’s wisdom and peace? What are our mindsets about how to endure through uncomfortable times?

The Application:
Often as believers in Christ, we may feel that we should be exempt from challenging moments in life.  Such feelings can surface when we’ve been making every effort to live according to the Bible, and without notice, an unexpected or tough issue arises. This week, as difficult situations come our way, let us make an intentional effort to wholeheartedly praise the Lord despite what’s happening around us.

The Prayer:
God, help us to develop our patience even while enduring the trials of life. We thank You for the situations that aid in building our trust and faith in You. Give us the strength to never give up! Amen