No one walks alone.

Sun • Central Time
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10a (iCampus, YouTube, and Facebook)
12:15p (iCampus Only)

Wish your church could be with you anywhere in the world?

Our world is constantly moving in this era. Between technology changes, economic changes, the pandemic, the great resignation, and everything else going on in our world, sometimes we wish we could just have something, anything be consistent. That something should be church.

You are Wired for Community

And it’s never been easier to find authentic community that stays connected with you no matter where life takes you.

1. Get Connected

Get connected with the OCC Global Team, a group of people from all over the world who also hunger for authentic community

2. Find Authentic Community

Don’t do life alone.
Be fully known & fully loved.
Find authentic community with others in your region

3. Bring Others

Help develop momentum to bring community to others. We’re not only meant to do life together, we’re meant to lead.

OCC Online vs OCC Global

A common misunderstanding is the thought that being a part of OCC Global simply means watching One Community Church online. On the contrary, OCC Global is an interactive Online Campus. While watching online is a great first step and an important weekly rhythm, it’s only the beginning

God doesn’t want you to do life alone

What's missing

The first thing He said was missing after He created everything was that the person He created was alone. 

What's possible

Imagine reflecting back on your life and seeing a life that was rich with relationships

What's avoidable

A life in isolation is a life of desolation, don’t fall into the trap

Pastor Brenton Cross

Pastor B grew up in Kingston, Jamaica, lived for a long time in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and currently resides in Midland, TX as a Professor of Ethics & Philosophy. Preferring clarity and directness, Pastor Brenton is a caring, passionate leader with a hunger to take the OCC Global mission of no one walking alone all across the globe.

Get Connected

Warren, FL

I’ve become a part of a caring family (that I’ve never met in person 🤣) of Christ followers who bring more people to know salvation through Jesus.

Kascie & Michelle, AR

OCC Global means that we are never alone because the church family we have been a part of for nearly a decade strives to touch the entire globe. Thank you OCC!

Michelle, GA

I have a family to walk my faith with; I am no longer follower of Christ in isolation.



8a, 10a, & 12:15p on iCampus