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“Habits of a Healthy Couple”
Pastor Luke and Angela Brownell- Facilitators

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Course Descriptions:

Eschatology: Are we in the Last Days?

The world seems to be on the brink. A pandemic has upset our world, and natural disasters are increasing in number.  Join us as we discover what the Bible says about the last days and if we are living in them.


The Book of Philippians

Join us as we look into why Paul wrote to express his appreciation and affection for the Philippian believers and how we should model our Christian walk.


The Anatomy of Sin 

Join us as we look to understand our struggle with sin and how to be victorious against it.


The Sexless Marriage

Calling all married couples,  You don’t want to miss out on how to navigate challenging times when the intimacy between you and your spouse has decreased.


Understanding Spiritual Covering

Come and find the value in having a Spiritual Covering.  Learn why having a covering who is there to lead and guide you is important and what that relationship looks like.



Guilt Free Parenting 

Many parents try to give their kids a better childhood than what they had. Yet, there will be times when guilt creeps up on us, such as, “Was I too harsh?” or “Have I spent enough time with my kids?”  Join us as we discover how we can quiet that inner-criticism of how we parent by applying the Word of God in leading and guiding our kids through this culture.