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“How to Walk with God.”
Pastor Matt Anderson- Facilitator

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Course Descriptions:


Generational Wealth, 2.0:

It’s the start of a new year and it’s time to get equipped with wealth-building tips and practices.  Join us as we take it a little bit further than last time and provide you with the tools on how to build wealth not only for your future but the future of your family!



Discover the 7 habits that will help you tackle each day with success while conquering life’s challenges.  Get signed up today and get control of your day “mentally”! 


As humans, we often relate health to our bodies, am I eating right…exercising enough…have I had a check-up…well that’s what this is class for except for your RELATIONSHIP with your spouse…check-in and let’s do a check-up on your relationship and check-out the habits of a HEALTHY couple!


We all go through moments where we experience these negative feelings or moods.  But when they become a pattern in our life, we must do something!  This class will give you tools as to how to manage and set you on a path to a healthier you!


Have you wondered, all those books, all those authors, over thousands of years, how did we end up with what we call our Holy Bible?  Join us as we take an in-depth look at how the Word of God, as we know it, came to be.


In this class, you will learn how to add more life to your scripture study and make the most of your reading time in the Word of God.


How to take an innovative idea and implement it in a way that leads to success. 


In this class, we will discover the planning, systems, and processes needed to scale your business beyond yourself. 


“What is my purpose?” A question almost every person has asked. Join us as we discuss how to hone in on the “WHY” God has for your life. 


Community is an essential part of a healthy life.  Learn how to create an engaging small group where your members are on a path of spiritual growth.