Vacation Bible School 2023

June 26-30, 2023 • 6:00pm-8:30pm • Plano, TX

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Friends & Family Day

  • Friday, June 30, 2023
  • Attend ALL DAY
  • OCC Exclusive Park Access 6pm – 9pm


THE EASY WAY: Pick up packet ahead of time

  • Sunday, June 25: pick up packet
    • when: before/after services
    • where: Plano Campus Student Building Gym
  • Monday, June 26: drop kids off in the Atrium

THE HARD WAY: Pick up packet at drop-off

  • Monday, June 26
    • pick up packet in Student Building Gym AND
    • drop off kids in Student Building Gym

Drop-off & Pick-up

Daily Drop-Off • 5:45pm

  • Kindergarten – 114/115
  • 1st-6th Grade – Atrium

Daily Pick-Up • 8:30pm

  • Kindergarten – 114/115
  • 1st Grade – North Worship
  • 2nd Grade – South Worship
  • 3rd Grade – The Maze
  • 4th Grade – Outside Zone 3
  • 5th Grade – Outside Zone 2
  • 6th Grade – Outside Zone 1


    • Drop your 1st – 6th grader off in the atrium each night at their grade sign. Doors will open at 5:45 for the pre-show.
    • Children without a name tag will NOT be allowed to enter the Worship Center. Stop by the registration desk if your child needs a new name tag.
    • Please make sure your child has their colored wristband on each night of VBS. Stop by the registration desk for replacement wristbands.
    • To ensure the safety of all children, parents will not be allowed to enter the Worship Center or linger on campus unless they are registered to volunteer.


        • The pickup location for your child will be the same each night. An adult with your child‛s pick up tag must check him/her out each night.
        • If you forget or misplace your tag, please stop by registration with a photo ID to receive a new one.
        • Children not picked up by 8:30p will be moved to The Maze for late pick up.
        • In the event of an emergency that prevents you from picking your child up by 9:00, please notify us by calling 469-854-1280.



    Bible Story
    Sand and Rock
    Matthew 7:24-29

    Bottom Line
    Do What Jesus Says


    Bible Story
    Sand and Rock
    Matthew 7:24-29

    Bottom Line
    Do What Jesus Says


    Bible Story
    Easter Story / Jesus Forgives
    Peter • John 21:15-25

    Bottom Line
    Love Who Jesus Loves


    Bible Story
    Paul in Athens
    Acts 17:16-34

    Bottom Line
    Go Where Jesus Leads

    Memory Verse

    Hebrews 12:2A (NIRV)

    Let us keep looking to Jesus. He is the One who started this journey of faith. And He is the One who completes the journey of faith.

    Grades & Colors

    For Small Groups




    1st Grade


    2nd Grade


    3rd Grade


    4th Grade


    5th Grade


    6th Grade

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What if my child makes a decision for Christ during VBS? What is the next step?

    If your child raises their hand during our altar call, we will let you know so you can continue the discussion at home. If you decide that your child is ready for baptism, we invite him/her to join us for our next baptism class. Find more information online at

    Will Snacks Be Provided During Vbs?

    Yes, Each Day We Will Provide Light Snacks and Water for Each Child Attending VBS

    Can my child attend VBS if they have to miss a day or come late?

    Certainly! While we pray that your child has the opportunity to experience every moment of VBS, we understand that life happens. If your child arrives late, please stop by the Information Desk in the atrium.

    hild arrives late, please stop by the Information Desk in the atrium.

    Will the kids be in the Worship Center the entire evening?

    Each group of kids will transition to different stations around campus for snacks, small groups and game time (outside). They will always be with at least one adult, their group leader. Adults will accompany them on bathroom breaks as well

    Can I send a special snack for my child?

    Yes, you can send a special snack with your child. Please keep in mind that we will not have access to the refrigerator and children will only have about 5-10 minutes for snack time. We recommend that you send the snack in your childs backpack and clearly label their name, grade, and color group.

    Can we register onsite on the first

    What if my child has special medical needs?

    We make every effort to accommodate medical needs during VBS. Our Medical Ministry team will be on-site each evening of VBS for medical emergencies and to administer medications as needed. Please complete the medical form and include detailed instructions.

    Will my child receive a t-shirt?

    Yes. Your child will receive the size indicated on the registration form. The tees are standard Gildan tees. If the incorrect size was ordered, shirt exchange will take place on Wednesday at the registration table starting at 6:30pm. Quantities ordered are limited and exchanges will take place until sizes run out

    Can I stay on campus after I drop my child off for VBS?

    In order to ensure a safe environment for all children in attendance, we will only allow adults who are volunteering and church staff to remain on campus.

    What if my child has food allergies or special dietary needs?

    Please be sure to indicate any and all allergies on your childs medical form. We will provide a special tag for your child and indicate on their name tag that they have an allergy.

    What if my son/daughter wants to bring a friend but we have already registered?


    No worries! We love the fact that your child is inviting their friends to attend church with them. Please let us know as soon as possible and we will make sure their friend is in the same small group.