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Why Unapologetic?

Welcome Ladies to our 2023 Women’s Conference!

I want to remind you that we are called to be UNapologetic. It doesn’t mean we are unaware, uninformed, or even uncaring. We glorify God when we live out the gospel and love others with boldness. We do that by being students of the Bible, bearing each others’ burdens and being in authentic community. Being unapologetic means being sensitive to what is happening around us and responding accordingly. It means being spiritually strategic— knowing when to do, when to say, and when not to do or say something. Being unapologetic is more than personality and it’s not necessarily being fearless. But it does mean we say yes to God before God says yes to us. Before God gives the details or brings the blessings we may desire, we say yes to his agenda and we give it our full energy.

It is my prayer and hope that you will open your heart to hear from God during our conference weekend. Whether he’s speaking through deep reflection, surrendered worship or shoulder-shaking laughter….LISTEN to Him.

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Friendship is a Choice



When Marriage Isn’t the Mission




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