Jan 7 – Feb 16, 2024

40 Days of Purpose & Prayer

Experience a life-changing 40-day journey towards discovering your true purpose with our “40 Days of Purpose” devotional. This concise and transformative devotional will leave you with a greater sense of direction and clarity. Commit today to a more meaningful life by embarking on this journey.

In conjunction of Solemn Assembly and 40 Days of Purpose, we will be reading Draw the Circle by Mark Batterson, and our Closer Devotional.

40 Days of Purpose Vol 1

40 Days of Purpose – Volume 1 (Days 1-10)

Draw the Circle

Draw the Circle – Buy on Amazon

40 Days of Purpose Vol 2

40 Days of Purpose – Volume 2 (Days 11-40)

40 Days of Purpose & Prayer Habit Tracker

40 Day Habit Tracker

Closer Devotional Vol 1

Closer Devotional – Volume 1 (Days 1-31)

Closer Devotional Vol 2

Closer Devotional – Volume 2

First Things First

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