Giving FAQs

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about giving. 

What is the deadline for annual contributions?

Cash and check contributions must be received or postmarked by December 31 to be included on your giving statement for that year. Online transactions must be initiated by 11:59 pm CST on December 31 to be included.

When will I receive my annual giving statement?

Your annual giving statement for the previous calendar year will be mailed to you by January 31.

If you have any questions or would like to request an electronic version of your giving statement please email and we will fulfill your request within 3 business days.

How to give via Paypal or Google Pay?

You can give via PayPal or Google Pay using the same Give Now button or click here.

To give via PayPal or Google Pay, simply click on the method of payment.

Enter your name and email, then select the PayPal or Google Pay button to complete the transaction.

How can I give stock or other assets to One Community Church?

Contact us at or during normal business hours at 469-854-1287 with questions about giving assets to One Community Church.
Stock can be transferred to our Edward Jones Account  DTC 0057 Account Number 18423317.
Here is a form to get started on giving stock.

If you are donating stock  held at one of the following brokerage firms, please click the link for instructions and/or a transfer form.  Designate ONE Community as the recipient:  
ONE Community, Account Name – Edward Jones Account
DTC# – 0057, Account Number – 18423317.

E-Trade Stock Donation

TD Ameritrade Stock Donation

Chase Stock Donation

Vanguard Stock Donation

Robinhood Donation

Fidelity Stock Donation

If you are donating Cryptocurrency or Precious Metals, please contact the church office for assistance.

Why do we give?

The greatest act of love and generosity was God giving his son, Jesus, for us. Giving our time, talents, and money is simply our natural response to an understanding of the generosity of a good God.

How do I give to One Community Church?

The easiest way to give to One Community Church is through the online giving portal (which you may access here)  – it’s convenient, simple, and secure. You can add your checking account or credit or debit card to give as a single, one-time gift or to set up recurring gifts.

However, there are many ways to give, so choose whichever is most convenient for you! See here for details of other ways to give.




How often will payments be pulled from my account?

You can determine the frequency and amount that can be charged to your checking account, debit or credit card.

Can I give from anywhere in the world?

Yes! Here’s how:

  • If you reside in the United States, you can set up recurring or one-time payments through Fellowship One Giving on the One Community Church website or mobile app.
  • If you reside outside of the United States, you can give via your PayPal account by clicking here and send your gift to



Where does my donation go?

When you give to the One Community Church tithes and offerings funds, your donation goes directly to One Community Church and is used to finance the ongoing operations of the church. When you give to a specific need, your gift will be used in support of the designated cause. Know that we honor your gifts with faithful stewardship, ethical business practices, and full accountability so that the financial integrity of One Community Church remains beyond reproach.

How are electronic payments processed?

Payments to One Community Church are handled through our partner, Fellowship One Giving.

Is my giving information secure?

Absolutely. Any personal or financial information you enter is encrypted using SSL security – the same state-of-the-art security measures used by online retailers, banks, and other financial institutions.

What is Fellowship One Giving?

Fellowship One Giving is our giving platform that allows you to give a single, one-time gift or schedule recurring giving using your checking account or debit or credit card.

Do I need to create an online account to give?

No. That said, we do recommend creating one so that you can view your online giving history. Also, you will be asked to create an account if you’d like to setup recurring donations.

Can I set up recurring giving?

Yes! If you reside in the United States, you have the option to “Make this gift recurring” after designating a fund and amount on the from the main Giving page.  Once you click that option, you can choose from a list of frequency choices and set a start date for the recurring donations.

I’ve signed up for the automated giving program, but would like to change my preferences or need to stop. How do I do this?

You can make changes at any time by using the “edit giving profile” button. Once you log in you can change any of your preferences or stop your automated giving.

Is my giving to One Community Church tax deductible?

Yes, One Community Church is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and your donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Will I Receive a Receipt When I Give Online?

Yes. You will be emailed a donation receipt each time you give. However, we recommend creating an account so you can view all your online giving history.

Is there a minimum or maximum I can give online?

No. That said, for very large gifts, we recommend you contact us to ensure your gift is processed in a timely fashion. (Our internal giving security can flag large donations for security reasons).

How do I give to Campaign Next, mission trips or other special projects?

For any electronic giving options, choose the desired Fund you’d like to give to from the dropdown menu included on the giving screen. The available funds to donate toward will be in the dropdown menu, such as Tithes and offerings, Campaign Next, missions and more.

Who can I contact if I need any help with giving?

Contact us at or during normal business hours at 469-854-1280 with questions about giving to One Community Church.