January 8-28

As the first month of the year, the month of January is a time to dedicate our year to God and gain perspective center our minds & hearts on Him. 

Week 1

Corporate Discipline

January 8-14

Solemn Assembly
Prayer & Fasting

Week 2

Inward Discipline

January 15-21

Reflect on the Word
Study & Fasting

Week 3

Outward Discipline

January 22-28

Refocus on Mission
Action & Fasting 

Week 2: Reflect on the Word

Known as the Daniel Fast this diet is based on a biblical story in the Book of Daniel. In the story, Daniel is an Old Testament prophet who is placed under King Nebuchadnezzar’s rule at a young age. Dedicated to his belief in God, Daniel rejects the rich, indulgent foods offered by the king, such as meats, dairy, wine, and other delicacies. Instead, Daniel and his friends choose to consume foods they believe God intends for consumption for 10 days. The diet is described in Daniel 1:12-16.

Daniel Fast

Inward Discipline | January 15-21


Study Focus: Trials

Read James 1:1-18 and study how James endures trials



Study Focus: Speech

Read James 1:19-27 and study how James controls the tongue



Study Focus: God’s Judgment

Read James 2:1-13 and study how God judges fairly



Study Focus: Compassion

Read James 2:14-26 and study how to show compassion


Study Focus: Wisdom

Read James 3:13-45 and study how James exercises wisdom


Study Focus: Humility

Read James 4:6-17 and study how to remain humble


Study Focus: Faith

Read James 5:1-20 and study how to walk in faith

Week 3: Refocus on Mission

We recognize that we have been blessed with great wealth and we have been called to steward that wealth wisely. 1 John 3:17 says, “If anyone has material possessions and sees a brother or sister in need but has no pity on them, how can the love of God be in that person?” This week we will prepare dinner based on what someone in extreme poverty would eat for their dinner. As we prepare and eat each meal, we will lead our families in prayer focused on the country of the day.

Poverty Fast: Limited Ingredients

Outward Discipline | January 22-28

Make meals for the week using only the following ingredients: rice, beans, sardines, plantains, avocado, corn, bread, eggs


Prayer Focus: India

Eat no fried foods and substitute your warm showers with a cold shower


Prayer Focus: Haiti
Eat no sweets and spend only $1.90 on anything else during the day (int’l poverty line)


Prayer Focus: Burundi

Eat no meat and select two toiletries to not use for the day: toothpaste, soap, hair products, or deodorant


Prayer Focus: Somalia

Eat no packaged foods and spend the night with lights out– stop using electricity and lights in the evening


Prayer Focus: Ukraine

Eat no dairy and borrow transportation (do not use your car – walk, bike, carpool or Uber)


Prayer Focus: Cuba

Use no condiments on your food and sleep on the floor or a pallet


Prayer Focus: Kenya

No eating out and drink only water


For seven days you shall present food offerings to the LORD. On the eighth day you shall hold a holy convocation and present a food offering to the LORD. It is a solemn assembly; you shall not do any ordinary work.

- Leviticus 23:36

Week 1: Solemn Assembly

A solemn assembly is a sacred gathering of God’s people to renew their covenantal relationship with Him and to repent – turning away from sin and a turning back to God. Solemn assemblies in Scripture are often called by those in leadership – whether that be a priest, prophet, or king (Joel 2: Neh. 8-9). Take time this week to connect with God as we fast from food and technology.

Fast: No food or technology • 3pm-6am

Corporate Discipline | January 8-14


Meeting: 3pm – Leaders

Prayer Focus: Leaders
Location: Plano Campus

Pray for leaders in: Churches, County & City Councils, Schools, State & National Government, International Leaders


Meeting: 7pm – Men

Prayer Focus: Men
Location: Plano Campus

Pray that men will: Reject Passivity, Lead Courageously, Accept Responsibility, Expect God’s greater reward


Meeting: 7pm – Women

Prayer Focus: Women
Location: Plano Campus

Pray for women who are: Single Mothers, Entrepreneurs, Care Takers, Suffering


Meeting: 7pm – Everyone

Prayer Focus: World
Location: Plano Campus

Pray for the world to have: Peace, Unity, Health, Safety


Meeting: 7pm – Ministries

Prayer Focus: Ministries
Location: Your Local Campus

Pray for our ministries to: Redeem Souls, Rebuild Lives, Reproduce Leaders, Reshape Communities


Meeting: Life Groups

Prayer Focus: Life Groups


  • Singles (inc. Singles Life Groups) – Plano Campus
  • Everybody Else – Wherever your Life Group meets

Pray our life groups experience: Authentic Community, Life Transformation, Providential Circumstances, Pivotal Relationships

Break the Fast with your Life Group

God created us for relationship with Him, and yet He immediately noted that we weren’t healthy unless we also had relationship with each other. If you’re not in a life group, one of the ways to start your year off right is to join one today.