Need a mentor?  Marriage Mentors can help!

Whether you’ve been married for 2 months or 2 decades, unaddressed challenges can cause distance and dissatisfaction in your marriage.  A mentor can help you build strong Biblical foundations for marriage and help you work to overcome the day-to-day challenges we all face.  One Community Church has trained and equipped couples to walk alongside another couple or group of couples who are seeking enrichment or restoration in their marriage. The two different mentoring programs offered by the church are found below. 

Mentor 101 – Group Mentoring

This 9-session small group experience is led by Marriage Mentors and helps couples strengthen their marriage connection.  Grounded in the A.R.E. (Accessibility, Responsiveness and Engagement) principles discussed in the book, Created for Connection, couples will be led through Seven Crucial Conversations for a Lifetime of Love.  The cost associated with Mentor 101 is $20 which is the approximate cost of the book.
Mentor 101 lasts for 3 months and is the best fit for couples who are either new to One Community Church, not connected to a Life Group, or looking for a shorter level of commitment compared to Mentor 201. Couples who attend this program can expect to deepen their relationship with God, experience God’s intent for community, and enrich their marriage through a stronger marital connection.
If you are interested in Mentor 101, click the below link to fill out an application which will require input from both spouses.
Our leaders will review your application and contact you to discuss current availability and specific meeting times in one of the below cohorts. Most cohorts currently meet on Saturday mornings for 11 weeks, with weeks 4 and 8 off.
  • Spring Cohort 1: Started Feb 2023 [CLOSED]

  • Spring Cohort 2: Starting Mar 2023

Mentor 201 – Couple to Couple Mentoring

A 12-18 month, couple-to-couple mentoring experience.  It is a biblically based program created by Strong Marriages that is relationally transferred from a mentor couple to you.  You will not only cover the topics that couples usually struggle with like communication, conflict resolution and finances, but the program covers key foundational topics like commitment, forgiveness and yielding to the Holy Spirit.  The cost associated with Mentor 201 is $125 per couple which covers the materials, personality assessment and associated web-support.
Mentor 201 sessions are held twice per month and is a good fit for couples who are:
   – Attending church regularly
   – Members of a Life Group at One Community Church
   – Willing to practice daily disciplines and complete homework between sessions
If you are interested in Mentor 201, click the below link to fill out an application which will require input from both spouses.