Join us as we discuss faith, health and taking others with you at our Quarterly Business Luncheon, June 6, 2024

Quarterly Business Luncheon

In pursuit of a church where
no business leader walks alone!

The Quarterly Business Luncheon serves as an exceptional opportunity to delve into the intersection of faith and business. It provides practical strategies and real-world insights from experienced professionals, with the goal of helping you effectively apply faith-based principles within your corporate environment. This way, you can deepen your connection with God while excelling in your career.

  • Believe: We are rooted in the belief that faith and a thriving career can coexist harmoniously, drawing inspiration from Proverbs 16:3
  • Lead: As business leaders, we aim to focus on leading our business ventures and careers in faith.
  • Succeed: Proverbs 16:3 encourages us to “Commit thy works unto the LORD, and thy thoughts shall be established.”

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