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“What is the ONE COMMUNITY – School of Ministry?”

OCC School of Ministry is designed to cultivate a collaborative, spirit-filled environment to equip, shape, and empower servant leaders who are called to Christian ministry. 

Mission: to train and educate men and women to be effective ministers of the Gospel.

Vision: The School of Ministry exists to prepare and propel leaders who actively seek to promote biblical authority and make disciples. 

Through its Vision and Mission, the OCC School of Ministry prides itself on these tenants:

  • Biblical Theology & Interpretation
  • Servant-Leadership
  • Discipleship

The Ministry Licensure Program is a 12-month intensive that is divided into 2 semesters: (first semester) Spring and Summer /  (second semester) Fall and Winter. Each term will constitute 1 course.


Step 1

Anyone interested in licensing or ordination may request a copy of current policies from one community church. (The request may be made in person, by mail, or by telephone.)

Step 2

The Application will be reviewed by the licensing and ordination committee and an interview of the applicant will take place. The applicant’s spouse and dependent children age 13 or greater and living at home will be included in the interview.

Step 3

The licensing and ordination committee will inform the applicant of the decision regarding the request for licensing and ordination.

Pre-Licensure Requirements


Conversion (saved at 3 years)
Clear Call to Ministry
Recommendation by pastoral
staff/ministry leader
Membership at least 24 months
Currently serving in ministry
Spousal Agreement
Previous Ministry Experience

Once they receive approval from the
Candidate Committee then the
program starts.

Licensure Program Requirements

12 Month Program

Completion of Leadership College
(possibly fast track)
Lead a Life Group
Discipleship Group with PCE/PM
(6 months In/6 Months Doing It)
Learn and Assist in Church Duties
Monthly Check-In with Mentor
Teaching Lessons (Mentor Approval)
Preach a Sermon (Mentor Approval)
CORE Attendance

Pre – Ordination Requirements

Licensed Minister through OCC or from a previous church.

Recommendation by pastoral staff/ministry leader

Membership at least 24 months

Currently serving in ministry when applied

Spousal Agreement

Previous Ministry Experience

Student Guidelines

  • All Studies/Sessions are accompanied by a Student Study Guide (SSG) 
  • Students must complete each course 
  • Each SSG can be accessed at will (by registered students only) 
  • Students are expected to attend each Class Lecture fully prepared to participate in class discussion and, if required, to respond to an impromptu quiz. 
  • Both the Class Lecture and the Student Study Guide are used to formulate the semester’s Final Exam. 
  • ABSENCE/LATE ARRIVAL: All absences and late arrivals must be excused. Students are to obtain an excused status on all absences and/or late arrivals by reporting all such (with an explanation 
  • NOTE: sites/student domains are only available to CURRENT registered students. 


  • There is no Registration Fee
  • Enrolled Students are required to cover the expense of textbooks